how to choose camping lanterns?

What should I look for when buying a lantern?

As the outdoor camping culture becomes more and more popular, once upon a time, those dreams of chasing freedom in the bottom of their hearts when they were young have resurfaced. Escape from the busy working days, and quietly enjoying the natural wildness has become a new choice for many camping beginners to let go of their own, a mountain, a side of water and soil, a bright light, or enjoy the mountains or three or five friends, and have a drink or hug under the stars.

However, once come to night, the camping lanterns become an indispensable camping product. The types of camping lights now are different from those of a few years ago. Except for the popular gas lights and LED lights, many of them are used in daily life. The retro lamps and lanterns that have been rarely seen have also reappeared in the arena because of their appearance and warm luster.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Lantern?/What should I look for when buying a lantern?

Let’s take a look at how to choose camping lanterns from several aspects

1. Camping Lanterns Working time

you may ask:

How long do rechargeable lanterns last?

How long do LED lantern Lights last?

How long does a camping gas lamp last?

No matter what kind of energy source lighting fixtures are used, we must pay extra attention to the battery life of the fixtures. From an economical and practical point of view, it is recommended to choose rechargeable LED camping lanterns, but make sure that they are fully charged before departure. The battery life in brightness mode can reach 4 hours or more. If you use fuel or gas camp lights, you need to prepare spare gas tanks and fuel according to the camping time and days. These consumption parameters are usually indicated in the product introduction. good habits.

2. Lumens

You may ask:

What is the best lumens for a lantern?

How many lanterns do I need for camping?

The unit of brightness is expressed in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Brightness and lamp life are important criteria for considering camp lights. Generally, the brightness of camp lights is between 100-500 lumens. Generally, qualified camp lights will be accurately marked in different places. Different battery life under the brightness gear, but in the case of a certain amount of power, if you want to pursue high brightness, you can’t meet the requirements of high battery life at the same time. The style of the gear for brightness adjustment.

100 lumens: suitable for lighting in small tents

200 lumens: suitable for camp lighting, small scene use

300 lumens and above: suitable for parties, lighting for off-campus event areas

3. Waterproof

you may ask:

is a camping lantern waterproof?

what is the IP for a camping lantern?

Camp lights can be divided into nine grades from IPX-0 to IPX-8 according to the different waterproofness. The higher the parameter is, the better the waterproof performance is. Outdoor activities will inevitably encounter rainy, snowy weather and high humidity environment. IPX-8 can do it. Fully immerse the product in water for 1.5-30 meters for 30 minutes, the performance will not be affected and water will not leak. Generally speaking, the waterproof level of IPX4 is the basis for outdoor use, and IPX-5 is enough to meet the daily camping needs.

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4 . Durability

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How long does an electric lantern last?

How many years a camping light can work?

Is camping lantern durability enough?

Some camping lights use thin polished or painted metal materials and glass lampshades in order to pursue texture. The advantage of this material is that it has a lot of texture, but it is easy to be bumped and deformed. Once it falls from a height, it will almost inevitably cause damage. Use Be careful, most of the electric camping lights are made of tough and flexible PC plastics. PC, as a durable engineering plastic, also has high light-efficiency performance, and the surface frosted engineering plastics or silicone can also let the light when used to make the lampshade. More even and soft, improve comfort.

5. Color Temperature

you may ask:

What is the best CCT for a camping lantern?

Even people who have never used camping lights have a basic concept of color temperature in their home life. Warm light sources with different brightness are easier to relax in the wild environment, and the light is milder. Some models of camping lights are one-sided. Brightness and color temperature are ignored, and the coolness brought by cold white lighting does not match the pursuit of empty and relaxed camping life.

6. Ease of use

A good camping light will provide a variety of different placement methods, not only can it be placed flat on the desktop, but also can be installed on a high camping light stand to illuminate the camp to increase the lighting range, or it can be hung on a sky pole or branch to provide lighting, some can also be fixed in the tent by magnetic stickers or hooks. Another thing to pay attention to is that the adjustment of brightness and color of different gears should be relatively simple in operation logic. All operations can be switched by double-clicking. Lamps that need to be switched and locked by pressing and holding for XX seconds, etc., should be reviewed before taking them out to prevent the unnecessary embarrassment from affecting the experience.

7. Function

In addition to lighting, some camp lights can also play the roles of mobile power supplies, SOS distress lights, fans, etc., which greatly enriches the functions and can be used to deal with unexpected situations that may be encountered in the wild. In the wild, an extra camp light with mobile power function can be used as a backup power supply, so that you can not miss every wonderful moment in the circle of friends. It is suitable for heavy mobile phone users who keep their mobile phones in their hands. Some camp lights integrate air pumps and mosquito repellent functions. While brightening life, it reduces mosquito nuisance, saves the physical strength of inflating the air cushion, and greatly improves the experience of camping life.

8. Color Rending Index

Sometimes it is necessary to take pictures outdoors. If the natural light is not good, the camping light can also play the role of the fill light. The camping light with a color rendering index of CRI≥90 can effectively restore the primary color of the object itself, making you a circle of friends.

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