Surface Mounted LED Downlight Sun Series DS40

Surface mounted led downlight, Easy Install, IP65, Waterproof, 3 Years Warranty, Cree led chip, Philips Driver, Fast Delivery, 7x24Hours service.


Canco Lighting has 13 years experience to help interior designers, Architects and Project company finish all kinds of lighting projects, we supply high quality round surface mounted downlight for indoor projects application.

This Waterproof IP65 Surface Mounted LED Downlight DS40 was designed for outdoor of hotel, office, Restaurant, Shops, Supermarket and other civic building application. Die casting aluminum body, Cree 1507 COB led with Philips, Osram waterproof IP65 constant current driver, the whole system release uniform light from central to side, we supply 5 years guarantee for this Surface mounted led downlight.

Surface Mounted LED Downlight Sun Series DS40 Features:

  1. Surface mounted, ip65, waterproof
  2. Die casting aluminum body
  3. Various reflector for choose
  4. CREE LED chip, Philips, Osram or Eaglerise IP65 driver
  5. Range size, from 15W-50W, suitable for different requirement
  6. Factory supply directly
  7. Components in Stock, Fast Lead time
  8. 3 Yesars warranty

LED Surface Downlight

Sun Series Surface mounted led downlight ip65, Power range from 15W to 50W, easy for surface mounted, good choice for hotel projects, see detailed specification below.

Product Size Power Beam Angle IP Grade
Φ74*H108mm 15W-18W 15°/30°/45° IP65
Φ93*H118mm 20W-25W 15°/30°/45° IP65
Φ113*H136mm 25-30W 15°/30°/45° IP65
Φ140*H150mm 40-50W 15°/30°/45° IP65

Round Surface Mounted Downlight surface color option:

Aluminum body can choose: White, Black

Reflector can choose: 

UV Electrical plating: Chrome Black, Rose Golden, Champagne Gold, Shinny Silver

Oil Painting: Sandy Silver

Natural: White, Black

A perfect light is not only choose high quality COB or power supply, it also need precise design structure to make a whole set light system, this ip65 surface mounted downlight supply UGR<12, good design for outdoor waterproof downlights application:

IP65 LED Surface Downlight

For light source,we choose CREE, OSRAM, PHILIPS COB for a high output, with lens they supply 125-135lm/w.

cree cob for LED Surface Downlight

A correct CCT choosed helps return everything back to nature, this Surface mounted led downlight supply correct color temperature for projects, let us know your requirement before you purchase.

LED Surface Downlight CCT choose

Surface mounted led downlight in Canco:

Canco Lighting was founded in 2008, focus on Round Surface Mounted Downlight, LED Architectural Lighting and Commercial Lighting design and manufacture in China. We offer practical solutions to an array of interior LED Commercial lighting application.

We see our customer requirements with a big spectrum of perfect customized lighting solutions, such as Recessed Asymmetric Downlight and architecture lighting projects, the highest level of quality is the common base of all lighting components and it is only good when everything fits perfectly, we always check all details to catch our target, supply high level quality linear lighting to our customers with reasonable price. With our R&D we are improving our products for the market. All led lighting and components will be checked strictly before using.

In details we are always looking for less glare, better light output, the best color rendering, the highest efficiency, easier using products and longer lifespan even at hard environment condition.

Meanwhile, different projects have different requirement, so we also have a big range of solutions to support our customers. We not only provide the standard size for our products, but also design and manufacture customized products and give professional idea for lighting projects.

Canco Lighting always do anything to work as partner for our customers, NOT ONLY simply supply Trimless Adjustable Downlights, BUT support our partner with lighting solutions, our target is let CANCO become a well-known brand in Round Surface Mounted Downlight, LED architectural lighting and commercial lighting field, let’s grow together.

The Sales team of Canco looks forward to discussing your requirements and cooperating with you in the near future.

ip65 surface mounted downlight application

FAQ on LED Surface Downlight:

Q1: Can you help us to supply lighting solutions to end customer?

A1: We have lighting designer team to support our partners on lighting design, like Dialux, CAD and other lighting softs, not only supply Surface mounted led downlight ip65 products.

Q2: Can you supply IES or LDT file for your ip65 surface mounted downlight to design in Dialux?

A2: As a Waterproof downlights Supplier, we can supply IES or LDT files for designer to evaluate light output.

Q3: How can we guarantee Surface mounted led downlight, quality from Canco, since it is for hotel or office projects, need good and long-lasting quality to get end customers happy?

A3: We use top brand driver for Surface mounted led downlight, like Philips, Osram, Lifud; Also use Cree led chip comply with Macadam Ellipse 3 steps to guarantee a 5 years.

Q4: Are you a Lighting factory?

A4: Yes, in Canco factory,we have 6 workshops making LED Surface Downlight everyday, welcome customers come to our factory for business.

Q5: What is the lens brand in LED Surface Downlight

A5: For lens, we always use high quality like GR optics.

Q6: How many years warranty for Surface mounted led downlight ip65? If driver or led chip not working, how can we do?

A6: We supply 5 years warranty, if driver or led chip borken, we can send corresponding components to end customers for them to replace, all for free on driver, led PCB and shipping cost.

Q7: How to assemable Surface mounted led downlight ip65? Do you have a installation manual for us when we receive products.

A7: When you recieve goods, there will be a installation manual inside of package carton, it is easy to install or assemable ip65 surface mounted downlight which from Canco, we always think about shorter installation time for our lighting products.

Q8: What is Canco lighting advantage to help designers on projects lighting?

A8: Talking about advantage, I think our advantage is 4 pars:

1). Experienced design team putting you in control of your lighting upgreades;

2). A dedicated saless team ready to assist;

3). Sample designs in photos and IES files to help your creative juices to start following;

4). Industry leading components inside to make a ip65 surface mounted downlight.

Q9:How many new series lighting products Canco post in a year?

A9: About 5-6 new series lighting products will be posted by Canco, in different lighting fair.

Q10:Does Canco lighting attend any lighting fairs every year?

A10: Canco lighting always on Hongkong internation lighting fair, LFI lighting fair in US, Frankfurt light+Building fair, Guangzhou Lighting Fair.

Q11: What is normal lead time for project lighting products?

A11: We need 10-15 days to finish project lighting order, for some regular lighting products, may be we can finish in 5-8 days.

Q12: Can Canco lighting customized different size on light one side downlight?

A12: Customization is Canco core spirit, we can support you on different lighting diameter, height, output, all for your lighting projects.

Q13: How many years Canco lighting establised, do you have lighting experience on led down lights, architectural lighting and commercial lighting?

A13: Canco lighting starts from year 2008, already with 13 years on lighting field, in the past 10 years, we mainly on Architectural lighting and commercial lighting, we know we cannot make everything, so we put our time on Round Surface Mounted Downlight and linear lighting products and solutions.

Q14: What is mininum order quantity for your Waterproof downlights? Can we buy 10pcs?

A14: Yes, 10pcs is ok, we will support our partners step by step to grow up, what we looking for is win-win business, not one time.

Q15: Can we be your Sole Lighting agent in our country?

A15: We have policy and welcome sole lighting agent on our products in different countries, if your country still empty on sole agent, Canco lighting company welcome your deep conversation on this.

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