Outdoor Portable Solar Portable Lights For Home

Solar portable lights, pocket-size, handheld version, 3 gears dimmable, 2 years warranty, suitable for car repairs, camping, home, school, farms, or night markets.


Outdoor Portable Solar Portable Lights For Home

In the past years, Canco lighting has posted many series of solar portable lights for the market, Whether you’re looking for solar portable lights to illuminate your workshop or a pocket-sized light for small tasks, you can contact us, below are some popular items for your choice.

solar portable lights

Solar Portable Lights

1. Product introduction

The Solar Portable Lights series is well accepted in many countries, such as the EU market, Middle east market, and South Asia market, elegant design, 3 gears dimmable switch with emergency red/blue flashlight, Android port, power bank support, people can charge the phone if needed.

2. Product Parameters

Product Name: Solar Portable Lights
Lithium Battery: 3.7V-4*(1400-1600mAh)
Solar Panel: 5V-3W Monocrystalline
Solar Panel Size: 180*122mm
Input: DC5V
Light source: 120pcs LED 2835+15pcs flash led
Function: 3 Gears dimmable+SOS red/blue Flashlight
Support: Android port, Power bank charge for phone
Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
Work Time: 6-26 Hours
Product Size: 23*4.5*15cm
Beam Angle: 120° (Rectangular beam)
Battery charging cycle More than 500 times
Working Temperature -20°~55℃
IP rating IP44
Material: ABS+PC
Unit box size: 24.5*15.5*6cm
Unit Carton Size: 50.5*48*32.5cm, 30pcs/ctn, 20/23kgs
Warranty 2 Years

3. Product Photos:

solar portable lights

portable solar lights for home

portable solar lights outdoor

solar portable lights

Outdoor Portable Solar Portable Lights For Home

4. Product Features

· Smart portable solar lights outdoor with bracket, pocket size, easy take.

· 3 Gears dimmable+SOS red and blue color flashlight.

· With charge protection and discharge protection.

· Two ways of charging, including USB cable charging & Solar charging.

· Used as a power bank facility to simultaneously charge Android, ios, and other smart devices at high speed.

· Solar energy technology, environmentally friendly and could recharge itself under sunshine for emergency purposes when outside.

· Drop-proof & Shock-proof feature ensures the device works properly even it crashes or drops, an effective tool in tornados and earthquakes.

· It is waterproof, which makes it an ideal companion if you are going camping and get stuck in an unexpected rain shower.

· Human engineering design handle, comfortable used

· Handle gives your hands freedom while working.

· The collapsible solar lantern can bring you enough brightness to prepare for darkness, power outage, hurricane, and emergency.

· SMALL BUT POWERFUL! Perfect camping gifts for family, lovers, and friends while in outdoor backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing, workshop, emergency backup and etc.

5. Package Information

Unit per colorful package: 24.5*15.5*6cm

Master carton: 50.5*48*32.5cm, 30pcs/ctn, 20/23kg.

6. Product Qualification

The portable solar lights outdoor is certified with FCC, CE, ROHS, ERP to meet different countries’ standards.

7. Delivery, Shipping, And Service

CANCO LIGHTING has gradually formed a professional R&D and manufacturing team with international practice depending on the strict standard of quality management. To promote technical innovation constantly, our company has increased the investment in R&D and our products have widely won the acceptance of the industry for the high quality, novel design, exquisite technology, and superior cost performance.

Our product range covers solar flood lights, solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar security lights, solar string lights, solar portable lights, portable solar lights outdoor, LED Solar Camping Lights, portable solar lights for home, etc.

CANCO LIGHTING has a merchandiser team with rich experience to provide dedicated service to customers, who are responsible for new product development, quotation, receiving new purchasing order and production order follow up services, such as instant order progress, packing, QC, delivery, commercial documents, customer complaints and etc. We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.

7. FAQ

Q: Can I customize the color box for solar portable lights?

A: Yes, we can design a colorful box for you with your brand, but the MOQ for OEM packaging is 1000 pcs.

Q: Do portable solar lights for home include a USB cable and support charging in the home?

A: Yes, one USB cable is included in one lamp, can be charged in your home, and you also can use it to charge your phone /tablet as a power bank.

Q: How about the working time?

A: SOS mode—about 16 hours; 3 gears dimmable 6-26 Hours.

Q: Can I choose other colors?

A: Yes, the normal color is a yellow color, we can customize the color for you if MOQ reaches 2000pcs, color can be green, blue, black.

Q: How many years warranty you can supply for portable solar lights outdoor?

A: 2 years warranty.

Q: Do you have exported certificate to ship from China?

A: Yes, we have full set docs to get goods released by China customs.

Q: Do you have high-resolution photos for us to post on our catalog or website?

A: Yes, we will supply a full set of high-resolution photos once we start cooperation.

About Canco Lighting

Outdoor Portable Solar Portable Lights For Home

solar portable lights

portable solar lights for home

portable solar lights outdoor

portable solar lights outdoor

About Canco Lighting of portable solar lights outdoor:

Canco Lighting was founded in 2008, specializing in portable solar lights outdoor design and manufacture in China. We offer practical solutions to an array of solar portable lights and rechargeable work lights applications.

With the help of innovating R&D technology and ISO9001 international standard, Canco lighting has obtained a high reputation from aboard buyers with years of cooperation, superior quality products, and on-time service.

We see our customer requirements with a big spectrum of perfect best collapsible solar lantern solutions, such as architecture projects, the highest level of quality are the common base of all lighting components and it is only good when everything fits perfectly, we always check all details to catch our target, supply high-level quality solar lighting to our customers with reasonable price. With our R&D we are improving our products for the market. All solar portable lights and components will be checked strictly before use.

In detail, we are always looking for less glare, better light output, the best color rendering, the highest efficiency, easier using products, and a longer lifespan even in hard environmental conditions.

Meanwhile, different projects have different requirements, so we also have a big range of solutions to support our customers. We not only provide the standard size for our products but also design and manufacture customized products and give professional ideas for outdoor solar lighting projects.

For a better service and support to our partners, a sole agency policy is welcome, we welcome our partners to discuss the sole agency agreement with us, we can support reasonable prices, payment terms, and country protection for our sole agent partners.

Canco Lighting always does anything to work as a partner for our customers, our target is to let CANCO become a well-known brand in the Outdoor Solar Lighting field, let’s grow together.

The Sales team of Canco looks forward to discussing your requirements for solar portable lights and cooperating with you in the near future.

In Canco Lighting, we have more ranges of Solar Lighting for your choice, including:

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