RGB Programmable Color Changing String Lights

RGB Programmable Color Changing String Lights


RGB Programmable Color Changing String Lights.

There are 2 types of S14 string lights, one is powered by electricity, and the other is powered by a solar panel. The standard length is with a 48ft long cable and 15 pcs E26/E27 socket.

color changing string lights


the advantages below:

1. New OEM communication system between the controller and bulb, it supports 21 types of light output for different applications. The key advantage of our RGB string lights is in RGB mode, it can show different colors in different bulbs, the other manufacturers’ products can only change RGB color one by one.

2. The product carries a Music rhythm function,  IP65 waterproof, very suitable for outdoor parties.

3. The product provides two work modes (connect to city power or direct solar power) that can be chosen.

4. The product has 4 bulb types to choose from S14, G40, C9, and C7.

Strobe: 1 color as the main color for most bulbs. Another color appears at random from the rest of the bulbs. Press the button to change color. Total 6 programs. The program’s colors are mainly Red and Skyblue in the rest bulbs, Mainly Green and Purple in the rest bulbs, Mainly Blue and Yellow in the rest bulbs, and Mainly Yellow and Blue in the rest bulbs. Mainly Skyblue and red in the rest bulbs, Mainly Purple and Green in the rest bulbs in order.

Fade: The string light will change the color one by one each several seconds. The program’s colors are red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Skyblue, Dark Blue, Purple, and Pink in order. Totally 8 colors in this program.

Twinkle: The string light will flash single color 3 times in 1 round.3 rounds will change into the next color. The colors are White, Purple, Skyblue, Yellow, Dark blue, Green, and Red in order. Totally 7 colors.

Breath: The string light will flash 3 breaths as 1 round.3 rounds change into another color. The Program’s colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Skyblue, Purple, and White in order. Totally 6 colors.

Chaser: Several colors appear at the same time as a snake, flash like a forward snake, and press the button to change other color combinations. Totally 6 programs and 3 programs are one color chase. The colors are Red, Green, and Dark blue in order. Another 3 programs are different colors chase. The colors are Skyblue, red, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, White, and Skyblue in order.

Random:lt will change the color randomly.

RGBW Flash:1 color as the main color flashes regularly for all bulbs. You can press the bottom to change the color.7 colors available are Red, Green, Dark Blue, Yellow, Purple, Skyblue, and White in order.

Voice: The string light will perceive any voice or music and will flash automatically basis on your voice or music.

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