Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights 200W

Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights 200W, easy assembly, equipped with RGB musical rhythm function, intelligent extended function, and wide beam angle, with P-Mos charging system and intelligent electricity management system.


Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights 200W


Power range from 60W-80W
Installation Height: 3-10m
Working time: 2-3 rainy days
Beam angle: 110 degree
IP: IP65


1. Easy assembly, convenient to change accessories
2. Equipped with RGB musical rhythm function, for widely application
3. Intelligent extended function, compatible with other Bluetooth devices
4. Wide beam angle, brightness increase by 10%
5. Charging efficiency improved by 20%, with P-Mos charging
6. Intelligent electricity management system, super long working time

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Lithium Battery Capacity

3.2V-12AH, 3.2V-18AH, 3.2V-24AH, 3.2V-30AH, 3.2V-48AH, 3.2V-6AH

Solar Panel

5V-12W-350x235mm, 5V-15W-350x290mm, 5V-25W-430x350mm, 5V-35W-580x350mm, 5V-40W-630x350mm, 5V-50W-670x445mm


Remote Control+Light Sensor

Working Time

2-3 Rainy Days




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