Best Outdoor Solar Powered Street Lights

Best outdoor solar powered street lights, high quality A+ solar panel and led light source, best option for your house.

Best outdoor solar powered street lights

2 types solar powered led street lights in this range, 90W, and 120W.

90W, 3.2V*20AH battery, 6V-30W solar panel

120W, 3.2V*30AH battery, 6V-45W solar panel

Use solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity, electricity is stored in batteries for use at night time, you don’t need to pay any electric bill after installation.

It is an ideal solar lighting system for homes, parks, yards, and gardens. Charging time 6-7 hours per day, continuously work 2-3 rainy days.

With an Intelligent light control system inside, automatic turn on the light at dusk, automatic turn off the light at dawn.

These best solar street lights are a good choice for your home.

outdoor solar street lightssolar powered led street lights

Solar powered street lights Specifications:

Outdoor solar street lights Panel:

Grade A+ Solar cells, 25 years lifespan, integral polycrystalline silicon solar panel, conversion rate up to 20.5%, Aluminum frame fixed, adjustable bracket aim to the direction of Sunlight.

Solar powered led street lights Battery:

High-quality cycle battery, cyclic utilization reach 2200 times, intelligent mode control.

Best outdoor solar street lights Luminaire:

Use SANAN 4040 led chip to reach a 160lm/w, high lumen output led, guarantee a top-level quality of outdoor solar flood lights, with 50000 hours lifespan and 3 years warranty.

Best solar street lights Material:

Die casting aluminum body, IP66 protection, high intensity IK07 tempered glass, streamlined design to reduce wind resistance UV stabilized polyester powder paint finish for durability and corrosion resistance.

best solar street lights factory
best solar street lights factory

About Canco Lighting:

Canco Lighting was founded in 2008, specializing in Solar Flood Lights design and manufacture in China. We offer practical solutions to an array of outdoor solar lighting applications.

We see our customer requirements with a big spectrum of perfect outdoor solar lighting solutions, such as architecture projects, the highest level of quality are the common base of all lighting components and it is only good when everything fits perfectly, we always check all details to catch our target, supply high-level quality solar lighting to our customers with reasonable price. With our R&D we are improving our products for the market. All solar lighting and components will be checked strictly before use.

solar powered street lights in mass production
solar powered street lights in mass production

In detail, we are always looking for less glare, better light output, the best color rendering, the highest efficiency, easier using products, and a longer lifespan even in hard environmental conditions.

Meanwhile, different projects have different requirements, so we also have a big range of solutions to support our customers. We not only provide the standard size for our products but also design and manufacture customized products and give professional ideas for outdoor solar lighting projects.

For a better service and support to our partners, a sole agency policy is welcome, we welcome our partners to discuss the sole agency agreement with us, we can support reasonable prices, payment terms, and country protection for our sole agent partners.

outdoor solar street lights panel in mass production
outdoor solar street lights panel in mass production

Canco Lighting always does anything to work as a partner for our customers, our target is to let CANCO become a well-known brand in the Outdoor Solar Lighting field, let’s grow together.

The Sales team of Canco looks forward to discussing your requirements and cooperating with you in the near future.

solar powered led street lights

In Canco Lighting, we have more ranges of Solar Lighting for your choice, included:

Solar Street lights

Solar Flood Lights

Solar Portable Lights

Solar Spot Lights

Rechargeable Work Lights

Solar Camping Lights

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