Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights have become the newer, greener way of getting energy for lights. These lights can bring solar energy to light for people’s daily use, they have found their way into the village, pathway, yard, and homes. They’re fully sustainable and can be installed anywhere regardless of power wire.

Most solar flood lights on have broad-beamed high-intensity light, which illuminates outdoor areas with extreme brightness. They feature polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels that are wide to grab the sunlight and store the in-built batteries’ energy. This energy power-up the floodlights for up to 12-36 hours or more continuously. The solar panels have a 20% or more conversion rate which makes them awesomely useful on rainy days.

Solar led floodlights come with remote controls to adjust solar light brightness and time adjustment, which can be 3hours, 5hours, or 8hours. The solar panel can adjust up to 360 degrees according to sunlight requirements. All Canco outdoor solar flood lights feature in-built sensors that automatically light on at dust and power off at dawn. Most of these lights are waterproof and weatherproof and can withstand sleet, snow, and rainy weather. With simple wiring step details in the manual, the customers can easily mount these solar flood lights in parks, courtyards, parking lots, streets, campuses, sidewalks, and more.

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For your better understanding of solar flood lights, we list some questions which often asked:

What is solar flood lights?  

Solar flood lights are a type of outdoor lighting, with a wide beam light output, normally about 120 degrees, it is powered by a monocrystalline solar panel, the solar panel transfer solar energy and stores it in a lithium battery in the daytime, when dark time is coming, the solar flood lights will turn on automatically, there is easy install and widely used outside of the home.

How to install solar led flood lights?

When you received a package of solar flood lights, just take them out, before you install the lights, connect the solar panels and solar flood lights to test if the light can work. The next step is to install the solar flood lights at the right place you would like to install them, normally 3-6m height from the ground, then install solar panels at the place where can achieve enough solar. The third step is to connect the power supply cable, it is easy.

How long do solar flood lights last?

Normally solar floodlights can work the whole night time, it can turn on automatically from dark, and turn off automatically at dawn, and the lithium batteries can guarantee 2-3 rainy days work.

The power output for home-used solar flood light is between 6-15w, the inside battery is 32650 or 18650 lithium battery.

How to open solar flood light?

When you finish the installation of the solar flood light, just press the auto button on the remote controller, then everything is done, the solar flood light can work every day, you don’t need to worry about how it works, they can work at night every day for you. The guarantee can give 2-3 years.

Where to place solar flood lights?

About the question of where to place solar flood lights, you can install them on the wall in your yard, or you can install it on the pole, or you can install it on the ground, solar flood lights have wide applications.

How do solar flood lights work?

The solar flood light is powered by a monocrystalline solar panel, the solar panel transfers solar energy and stores it in a lithium battery in the daytime, when dark time is coming, the solar flood lights will turn on automatically, and there is easy installation and widely used outside of the home.

Where to buy solar flood lights?

There are many places you can buy solar flood lights, such as Amazon, eBay or Ali Express, but if you want to buy large quantities of solar flood lights, you can go to or your suppliers.

But quality is important, choose an honest supplier, and you can get a 3 years warranty, a true solar panel, and a high lithium battery.

Canco lighting has been in the solar flood lights design and manufacture for 15 years, we have already developed about 10 series of solar flood lights now, if you are looking for an honest supplier, we are your best choice.

The sales team of Canco Lighting looking forward to your contact, we can help you in solar lighting business.


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