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For just over a decade now, Canco Lighting has been bringing specialized LED lighting design and production to the rapidly expanding office environments of China.  Founded in 2008, in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, Canco Lighting has set out with the goal of offering practical and artistic LED lighting solutions for a variety of needs in various applications.

The main products of Canco Lighting are: LED Pendant Light, Hanging Lights, LED Circular Light, LED Linear Light, LED Ceiling lights, Architectural Lighting Design, LED Decorative lighting, LED Chandeliers for different lighting design company and projects.


Our customers are our focus with every project we take on. We approach each of our customers’ needs looking at the bigger picture and how our customized LED pendant light products can bring the highest level of quality and design results.  We strive to place every product perfectly in its place to bring the optimum and desired lighting effect.  With the ability to provide a high end LED decorative lighting fixture and with affordable choices, we are certain that there is no better choice out there than Canco Lighting.


Our pendant lighting and lighting design professionals are also hands on as they provide suggestions and unique lighting design solutions.  Using our standard line of LED circular pendant light products along with any number of custom options, we believe the sky is the limit with what can be created in a space.


We have a dedicated team in research and development that continually works on improving our lighting designs so that our customers can rest assure that they are getting the best possible LED decoraitve lighting. Quality is everything and every light fixture that leaves our Zhongshan factory is strictly checked for quality assurance. This includes checking for glare, ideal light output, pure color rendering, component efficiency, and our products lifespan and real world durability.  There is no detail too small that Canco Lighting would not consider.


During Canco Lighting’s production life, we have had the privilege of working with companies as far away as the United States and Western Europe.  We have sold products and worked in conjunction with some of the biggest names in lighting there.  This has inspired our own ambitions to grow beyond our current borders. We are passionate about bringing our LED lighting products, designs, and solutions to customers around the world.  We look forward to creating partnerships that last and to growing an exciting brand in the industry. 


Contact us now to know more about our company and led lighting products.


At Canco Lighting, quality comes first. For our products to be trusted, we know they must last.  Every aspect of our luminaires, from the components to the casings, are carefully chosen and strictly tested.

Product Options

All of Canco Lighting’s fixtures are available in standard sizes with options for customizing.  With lighting professionals ready to help fill your lighting needs.

Lighting Design and Sales Team

Our sales team is motivated and ready to work with our customers’ needs.  Contact a sales representative to see how you can begin transforming your space into a brilliantly lighted environment.

A Great Place to Work

At Canco Lighting, we know any great company can’t be successful without the commitment of its staff.  Our workplace is team focused and allows our employees to enjoy their work.

Certificates,Services and Guarantees
                                              Certificates: ETL, CE, RCM, SASO for international markets (North America,Europe, Australia and Middle East).                                                                                                                                Services: Goods in stock, On-time delivery, 5 Year warranty,16 hours/6days customer service.                                                                                          Guarantees: All of our LED products are made using the highest quality electronic components from Osram, Meanwell and Tridonic. Testing before product leaves the factory.

Contact: Will Xue

Mob: +86-13675048800

Tel: +86-760-2236 8568

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.canco.com

Add: Qifang Industrial Zone Bldg. 11, Guzhen, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China 528421


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